The style

Each Fabrizio Poker’s collection is the result of the artist’s dedicated passion for manufacturing arts. Such a creative moment involves all the knowledge, feelings and values linking men to their land, to their family, in a word to their own culture. Creating a style is all about that and Fabrizio Poker is well aware of it. Born on the 27th September 1976 from a leather worker family, soon his passion for this traditional art followed. After studies in design and advanced production techniques, he decided to constantly pursue style: this same drive Jed to the creation of his company and Jet him start out in the competitive fashion industry. The support from his family, which still remains at the core of his business and human activity, never failed, while culture and his Country’s artistic traditions always supposed an essential source of inspiration for him. His style, so truly able to represent a strong personality, successfully stood out from the crowd on global markets.

International markets

Keeping an eye on the international situation, along with a strong will to enter new markets, without losing ground in Italy: these are the keys that played such an important role in Fabrizio Poker’s diffusion abroad, where it is now well established. The current commercial strategy aims at confirming such trend: being stable and present in countries such as Russia, the USA, the UAE, China and Japan, alongside the development of a far-reaching sales network.